Today's Technology ... Yesterday's Values
Since 1989

Alternative Technical Services (ATS) came into existence on June 9, 1989, in the spare bedroom of a small A-frame house in Stanton, Delaware. Within a year, the business had grown enough to warrant an office of its own. ATS moved out of the house in Stanton, and into the First State Industrial Park. Within the Park, ATS changed locations three times, as the business continued to grow and expand its services. ATS grew into a successful computer and network service provider, with a staff of very talented technicians servicing a loyal customer base.

In 1999, ATS was approached by the owner of a full service Fire & Water Damage Restoration company. He asked if ATS would consider getting into the business of Computer & Electronics Restoration. He suggested that since we already had such broad technical expertise, we needed to invest in the right education and the right equipment. These factors would allow ATS to become the premier Computer & Electronics Restorers in this area. ATS was up to the challenge. We trained with one of the top minds in the C&E Restoration field. We then ordered the best electronics cleaning station on the market, which was the model used by NASA and IBM. We built a state-of-the-art drying room and acquired all the necessary diagnostic tools.

Seventeen years after incorporating, Alternative Technical Services is a thriving multi-dimensional business, providing the following services to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey:

  • Computer Service & Sales
  • Network Service, Design, & Sales
  • Computer & Electronics Restoration

We are proud of our reputation and our product. ATS is proof that hard work and integrity prevail.